Chafing dishes might not seem to be a major part of an event but these do add to the overall look of the venue. From traditional chafers to induction and flame-free chafers, the chafing dishes have come a long way. These have evolved from the traditional round and rectangular or even oval to drop-in chafer and chafer griddle, and Venus Industries has kept itself updated with every change big or small in the market, to offer you the best of services and products.

Chafing Dishes’ Makeover at Venus Industries

Venus Industries was established in 1963 by Shri J.K. Khurana and got a breakthrough with the joint venture with AirIndia in 1965. It was no looking back after then for Venus Industries. 1972 was the year that initiated the fabrication of chafing dishes and the Lift Top Chafing Dishes in heavy gauge.

With a great response to these, the company ventured further and introduced Roll Top Chafing Dishes in the year 1991, for the first time in India.

The year 2003 saw another introduction with the Glass Lid Chafing Dishes along with the hydraulic mechanism for smooth working. Venus Industries have always been proactive in providing less time-consuming and quick products for commercial kitchens.

Venus Industries has always experimented and aspired to bring forth a much better product. 2010 was no less, as the company launched Rose Gold Chafing Dishes in India leaving all its customers to applauding.

It will not be wrong to say that the Chafing dishes have gone under a great makeover. From the old school flame-based to the induction dishes, from the regular lift-off dome covers to glass top with covered handles, chafing dishes have changed in designed and style drastically at Venus Industries. The company keeps up with the changing trends and the related requirements, to always make available the latest products with the best of techniques.

You can now move on from the basic designed chafing dishes to trendier yet classic designs When dealing with Venus Industries you can, in fact, pick from a vast collection in chafing dishes as per your pocket.

Why Venus Industries

Venus Industries brings to you the expertise and experience of over 50 years from both national and international markets. They proudly boast of being a leading manufacturer and exporter of superior quality stainless steel products. The company not only brings forth an enormous collection of products but also specializes in customized products and designs.

Customized and exclusive designs clubbed with a focus on ace quality, make Venus Industries one of the most sought-after names by the leading corporate offices, hotels, and large-scale establishments when it comes to buying chafing dishes or other commercial kitchen products.

So, for that upcoming special event at your hotel or corporate office give the ambiance a new and upscale presentation with a square chafing dish for serving appetizers or chafer griddles for serving pancakes.